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The greatest conversation I've had in years (WWIII predictions)

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FYI I'm Owner
Whompman9000: I wish I could rip Carlos, but he doesn't have much.
spidaman: i sold a description tag to him for almost 2 ref (=
Whompman9000: I know.
Whompman9000: His Conniver's Kunai has a desc.
spidaman: when its worth like 2 rec
Whompman9000: 1 ref.
spidaman: the only thing betweeen my knife and your back is...CHEEZITS!!!
Whompman9000: Aire.
Whompman9000: *Air.
spidaman: danget he didnt take my advice
Whompman9000: I'm going to give my Whomper Launcher this description tag: Back in World War II, this rocket launcher killed more Nazi soldiers than any other.
spidaman: desc: you know ww III is right around the corner
Whompman9000: And it will be won by the Shapebusters.
spidaman: a.k.a. team bronze yellow
spidaman: shapebusters-bronze yellow
spidaman: natzis-red
spidaman: hippies?-blue
spidaman: hipos-blue
Whompman9000: Soviets: Blue.
spidaman: russia vrs germany vrs canada (area of the shape buster hq)
spidaman: secret hq
Whompman9000: Our hats will be Jumper's Jeepcaps and Outdoorsmans.
spidaman: yes!
spidaman: with our leader saxton hale king of canada!
spidaman: lol
Whompman9000: But he's Austrailian. Sad
spidaman: oh uhh...
spidaman: he will be a constitutional monarchy of canada after canada forms a allience with australlia
Whompman9000: Yes.
spidaman: nazis have guns, soviets have bigger guns, and the shapebusters have boomerrangs,maple syrup,and shapes...
spidaman: we so have the advantage
Whompman9000: And Rocket Launchers.
Whompman9000: Those too.
spidaman: whomper launchers
Whompman9000: Yes.
spidaman: the soviets high five like the medic
spidaman: nazis high five like spy
spidaman: we high five like soldier
Whompman9000: But Medic is a Nazi! :O
spidaman: ok that means soviet nazis vrs shapebusters (and australlia)

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